Diversity in the Supply Chain: A Reflection of Israeli Society

Rion takes pride in its diverse workforce, representing various backgrounds from across Israel and embodying the vibrant essence of both the country and the plastics industry
February 18, 2024

In recent years, global studies have consistently shown that diverse companies enjoy economic advantages and outperform those with a more homogeneous workforce. The terms “diversity and inclusion” have gained significant importance in the realms of human resources and recruitment. However, the effective integration of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and the genuine inclusion of this diversity, presents challenges.

At Rion, we wholeheartedly embrace this approach, not just in our language and communications but in our daily practices. Our workforce represents the kaleidoscope of Israeli society, and both managers and employees invest efforts to foster harmony despite the differences among various populations. A prime example is our diverse Supply Chain department, encompassing procurement, production planning, and warehouses.

Efficient Coordination: Inside Rion’s Supply Chain Department

“There are 17 people in the department,” shares Rachel Peled, the manager. “We spring into action as soon as the order enters the factory and reaches the production planning department. From there, we generate requirements for procurement, analyze the route and stations the order needs to go through, such as injection molding, assembly, machining, ensuring everything is completed within the promised timeframe to the customer.”

Rachel elaborates on the roles within the department, highlighting the production planning’s responsibility for customer relations, order confirmation, and delivery date planning. Procurement ensures a continuous inventory of necessary materials for production, and the warehouses maintain reliable inventory, supplying materials and products to various departments. They handle goods from suppliers and ensure daily order deliveries align with production planning requirements. “Our goal is to provide service to the satisfaction of the customer,” Rachel emphasizes.

Diversity in Action

In the supply chain, diverse representation spans various demographics. Going beyond gender, the department welcomes recent graduates bringing youthful energy, as well as retirees contributing valuable experience. It embraces individuals from different backgrounds, including immigrants, veterans, kibbutzniks, moshavniks, city dwellers, young parents, and those of different religions like Druze, Jews, and Muslims. Rachel emphasizes: “As a manager, choosing the most suitable and talented individuals while valuing the harmony and special connections within the team, is highly important. This cooperative spirit, care, support and mutual assistance define the strength of our department”.

Harmony in Diversity

In a diverse workplace, challenges and potential friction can arise due to varying cultures and the political climate. However, at Rion, we strive to maintain a secure and inclusive environment for everyone. Despite challenging times like military operations, riots, and ongoing war, there’s a remarkable empathy in the department for each other’s needs and feelings. Rachel notes, “We all share a common goal – to for our families and a desire to learn and grow.”

She further emphasizes the positive impact of diversity, enabling flexibility to accommodate employee constraints. For instance, when young parents face challenges due to childcare, older employees step in to help. The diverse holiday schedules also allow the team to appreciate different cultures while ensuring the continuous operation of the department.

Photo 1: The team of Supply Chain Department