Interview with Nadav Zamir, Rion’s newly appointed operations manager

From working in the maintenance department, the organization and methods department, and through the management of the assembly department - Nadav Zamir grew within Rion, taking on several roles over two decades. Now he has been promoted to senior management as the company's new operations manager
November 2, 2023

The strength of any production factory lies in its people. While machines and technology can be purchased, qualified personnel require cultivation. As part of Rion’s policy, it invests in employee development and offers professional training programs, providing its employees with the tools to take on more challenging roles within the organization.

Nadav Zamir, recently appointed as Rion’s new Operations Manager, is an excellent example of someone who has followed such a career path. We had the opportunity to speak with him shortly after entering his new role, delving into his background, and exploring the challenges and responsibilities he faces.

Nadav Zamir and Rion – A Two-Decade Journey?

“Yes, that’s correct,” Nadav begins. “My journey at Rion started after my military service. I initially worked in various roles in the greenhouse department, which has since been sold, and later in the maintenance department. I pursued a degree in industrial engineering, and during my final year, I returned to Rion to work in the organization and methods department. Over the next decade, I managed the assembly department under Ofir Ram, who I’m now succeeding as he starts his role as the CEO of Rion.”

Did you Gain Professional Experience Outside of Rion as Well?

“I have two years of experience as a production manager in a large company in the medical industry, where I had the opportunity to work with real professionals as well. It provided me with a new perspective on other forms of management and work. I carry this experience with me to my new position.”

Is it Challenging to Manage Your Former Colleagues?

“The situation is a bit strange,” Nadav smiles, “I consulted with our CEO Ofir Ram, who also went through a similar process. To my delight, my colleagues responded professionally, and we were quickly drawn into the daily routine. I have full support from Ofir and from other management members. I am also assisted by the organizational development consultant accompanying Rion.”

“The opportunity to work with Ofir Ram, Rion’s CEO, as a direct manager, was one of the reasons I decided to accept this position. Ofir is a role model. We have a productive relationship based on trust. Throughout my years at Rion, I was given the freedom to promote professional initiatives. It is truly a pleasure to work in this atmosphere.”

What are the Challenges in your New Role?

“One of the company’s important projects, which was integrated into Rion’s strategic plan for the coming years, is reliable collection of production data,” explains Nadav. “This information forms the basis for all activities, starting with the production scheduling on the various machines and ending with the orders of raw materials. Only accurate operational reports allow correct conclusions to be drawn. This is especially relevant when producing in small batches, each of which has its own process waste and set-up time.”

“Production automation is also becoming more relevant than ever,” he adds, “and we are actively looking for places where it can be effectively integrated. I hope we can bring significant changes in this area soon.”

We would like to thank Nadav for the interview and wish him success in his new role.

Picture 1: Nadav Zamir, Rion’s Operations Manager.