From Israel to China: The Success Story of Rion’s Unique Business Model

How Rion's Innovative and Unique Partnership with Chinese Mold Suppliers Transforms Injection Molding Production
August 6, 2023

Manufacturing injection molds in China can be very cost-effective, but it also presents challenges related to working from a distance, cultural differences, language barriers, and quality control. At Rion, we have overcome these challenges through innovative strategies and a unique collaborative model with our Chinese mold suppliers. Due to our experienced and professional mold department, Raveh Molds, we have been able to effectively manage complex projects and maximize the benefits of manufacturing in China while neutralizing its disadvantages. How did it all begin? Let’s take a closer look.

Maximizing Quality and Efficiency: Rion’s Collaborative Approach with Chinese Mold Suppliers

Our remote collaboration with mold suppliers in China began back in 2012 when we initially relied on a combination of remote management and periodic visits to oversee their work. However, we soon realized that achieving high-quality molds requires deeper involvement and more direct communication with our suppliers.

We recognized the need for our own local representative who is familiar with our standards and our way of working. It was clear to us that such a representative needs to be able to bridge our cultural gaps and possess extensive technical knowledge in order to monitor the quality of work and to make real-time decisions. This approach will allow us to ensure that our requirements and specifications effectively communicate to our Chinese partners, resulting in high-quality injection molds that will meet our clients’ expectations.

Rion’s New Activity Model with Local Employees in China

Realizing the importance of direct involvement and effective communication with our Chinese suppliers, we decided to establish a Rion office in China in 2015. Managed by James Zhang, an experienced technical director, the office operates as an extension of Rion’s team. Before assuming his role, James underwent extensive training in Israel to familiarize himself with Rion’s standards, from planning through mold building, to mold maintenance and repair. Besides James, our China team includes Kevin Deng, responsible for local logistics management, and Mingtong Luo, a talented mold designer who significantly shortens mold design times by improving communication with suppliers.

At Rion, we prioritize accurate planning and take into account the desired product quality, process stability, and “injection window.” With James’ expertise, we were able to identify and select local suppliers who could meet our standards, and we have been working with the same two suppliers for over 8 years. This approach has allowed us to receive molds of comparable quality to those produced in Israel, with high quality and according to requirements.

Adapting to Challenges: Rion’s Unique Model for Remote Mold Production during the Pandemic

Ronen Raveh, Rion-Raveh molds manager, explains that their unique working method has been incredibly successful: “This model has been a game-changer for us. We saw the true benefits of it when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. With countries closing their borders, it was impossible to travel or visit suppliers. At the same time, there was a surge in demand for goods, which opened up new projects and orders for us – all of which required molds. Luckily, Rion China team led by James was able to provide full support, allowing us to continue making molds and even introduce new production technologies like multi-component injection. While many manufacturers were struggling with the pandemic’s impact, the infrastructure we built beforehand supported us to keep working as usual. Everything undergoes our final inspection and approval. In the more complex projects such as multi-component injection molding or molds with conformal cooling, the mold design is carried out in Israel, but the support we receive from the branch in China helps us make sure that the work is done according to the exact planning,” clarifies Ronen.

The Success of Rion’s China Branch: Expanding Activities and Personnel Growth

The successful work of the Rion China branch opened the door to the expansion of activities in China. “As soon as we realized that we had someone we could trust in China, we began to utilize the relationship for additional services. In order to provide response to additional needs of our customers, such as part coatings, machining parts production, procurement of inserts for existing molds, and more. The volume of activity grew and also led to growth in personnel,” explains Ronen.

Rion’s team in China, right to left: Mingtong Lu – mold designer, James Zhang – technical manager, Kevin Deng – logistics management.

One of the things that were clear to us from the beginning is the way we wanted to handle our relationship with the team in China. Therefore, the employees at the Rion China office are directly employed by Rion. An example of this unique relationship, we could see at Rion’s 2022 factory vacation in the Dead Sea when James was able to join us as he was visiting us in Israel for further training. “We were also able to spend time together outside of work and strengthen our professional relationship through personal networking. The strategic decision to open the Rion office in China was successful and is already proving itself a decade,” concludes Ronen.