Investing in professional training

Training and professional courses are integral to Rion's positioning as a top-tier injection contractor in Israel. Collaboration with Erez College allows us to bring tailor-made training to our employees
November 28, 2023

There are many ways we can provide better service for our customers. Some of these include working with high-performance raw materials, using high-standard production methods such as two-component injection, integrating automation processes on the production floor, and using advanced equipment and software to achieve high-quality products.

However, these are only effective if they are performed by skilled hands. Expertise and a deep understanding of production processes and raw materials are essential to overcome any malfunction and increase efficiency. For that reason, we put a lot of effort into diverse training methods and professional development of our manpower.

Erez College – extensive experience in professional training for industry personnel

Acquiring relevant knowledge is an integral part of our employees’ professional development. We conduct both internal and external training at Rion. For external training, we collaborate with Erez College. Ohad Stern, VP of training programs at Erez College, notes: “What sets our college apart from other academic institutions is our practical approach. We maintain open and continuous communication with the industry and our courses often blend classroom study with hands-on practical activities”.

A wide array of industry-specific courses is available at Erez College. Rion identifies employees who can benefit from further training and enroll them in the relevant courses. Our employees have taken part in diverse training programs, including computerized warehousing, plastic injection techniques, quality control, management, CNC programming, and more.

Tailoring Professional Training in Injection Molding to Rion’s Unique Requirements

Erez College actively offers injection molding training courses, designed specifically to meet Rion’s requirements. This involved adjusting the course syllabus, carefully selecting instructors, and defining the balance between theoretical studies and practical training. Shira Rania-Sheffer, Rion’s human resources manager, emphasizes our strong partnership with the college, “We work closely with Erez College to tailor the training courses to our unique needs. The College also has the flexibility to organize customized in-house training courses at our production locations. The training took place on-site at Plastokit, allowing our employees to learn in their familiar environment. The instructor showed a great willingness to listen to employee feedback and remained flexible by promptly incorporating necessary adjustments throughout the course”.

Focus on professional terminology in Hebrew for newcomers

Another example of tailored training involves Rion’s program for newcomers for which Hebrew is not their native language. As Shira explains, “Erez College developed a Hebrew language course with a specialized glossary, especially for us. This glossary is compiled from our working materials and contains expressions from our email exchanges. The newcomers at our Rion facility in the north greatly benefited from this initiative.”

In recent years we have enjoyed productive cooperation with Erez College. We have also been hosting customized courses at our facilities for those who require further professional development. The strategic location of the college near Rion, coupled with its diverse course range, provides significant advantages for everyone involved. The courses contribute to our commitment to maintaining and enhancing our high-level technical capabilities, which is a key advantage in the competitive plastic injection industry.