RION’s recently appointed CEO Discusses Challenges and the Future of the Plastic Industry and the Company

From production management to operations management and up to the role of CEO, for over a decade and a half, Ofir Ram has held significant positions at RION. These roles have provided him with a unique perspective on the company and the industry as a whole
September 5, 2023

Introducing our new CEO might strike you as a bit unusual, but that’s because he’s far from new. Ofir Ram’s journey at RION began over 17 years ago. He brings extensive experience in the industry and, notably, within RION itself, where he’s taken on various roles such as Injection Hall Manager, Production Manager, and Operations Manager – a position he excelled in over the last decade. Nonetheless, with this recent appointment, we discussed with him the challenges and opportunities he foresees for the plastic industry and, specifically, for RION in the upcoming years.

Is it strange to change roles – from an operations and production manager deeply connected to the production floor to a CEO trusted with leading the entire management team?

“The possibility of stepping into the CEO’s shoes has been on the table for some time,” Ofir shares. “As a result, Dudu Leib, the previous CEO, along with the company’s top executives, supported me with commercial and business development related insights. In addition, I was introduced to company’s vast activities and was provided with substantial and comprehensive guidance and training.

Nonetheless, when the official transition occurs, you truly grasp the weight of the responsibility. The physical distance between my former and current offices is a mere 10 meters, yet the significance is immense. The management team’s support has been instrumental, facilitating a smooth and productive shift from being a colleague to becoming a manager. I’m still closely tied to production, regularly touring the workshops, and maintaining a personal connection with the staff, much like in the past.”

CEOs mostly come from marketing and financial backgrounds. Entering the CEO position from an operational background is less common.

“Our organization is operationally driven, and ultimately, subcontracting is measured by efficiency, quality, and the service it provides. Here, the strong operational background that I bring to the role is an advantage. A solid familiarity with the field is important and helps to comprehend and initiate changes that enhance the service we deliver to customers,” says Ofir. He leaves the operational reins to Nadav Zamir. “Nadav, stepping into my shoes, has also grown within RION like me. I have full confidence in him and congratulate him on the fresh perspective he will bring to his new role.”

What challenges does the industry, including RION, face in the near future?

“The global economic instability impacts the local market and our customers. During these times, we display heightened flexibility towards our customers while preserving our professional, managerial, and leadership core values, essential to the organization. We do everything possible to provide a sense of stability in a challenging reality. It’s also important for us to maintain our high-quality production operators, without whom nothing can be achieved.”

In the more distant future, Ofir mentions another challenge where automation adoption will contribute to its resolution: “Success lies in the collaborative effort of product developers and manufacturers in processes that are independent of human involvement. For those who were born with an iPhone in hand, standing beside the machine is difficult. We aim to provide them with a challenging and engaging work environment by introducing automation processes that employees can program and establish. The sooner we confront the challenge, the better.”

And what about the future?

“Prioritizing professionalism and quality are our primary focus, but RION’s true advantage lies in its human capital, trustworthiness, and transparency towards customers. The collaborative efforts of our Molding Department manager – Ronen Rave, Automation Leader – Itay Gover, and Engineering Manager – Aharon Weiss, bring added value to complex processes with innovative solutions and automation. Such projects will hold a larger place within the company, facilitated by long-term agreements with strategic customers in our core areas and in new sectors.”


RION’s recently appointed CEO – Ofir Ram.