The Women Behind the Parts we Produce

The success of an industrial plant depends on its human capital, and our employees are our secret component for ensuring high quality production and service. Now is the time to thank them and to note several of the women employees holding significant positions in the company
February 28, 2023

At Rion we owe our success to our team of skilled and dedicated employees. Without them we couldn’t have overcome the challenges of the past few years. While a production plant has traditionally been a male work environment, we are proud of our many prominent women employees. Here are some of their stories.

Mariana Samofalov   combining raw materials procurement with human resources

Mariana Samofalov – raw materials and production buyer in the Supply Chain Department

Mariana has been with us at Rion for more than ten years. In her current position she is responsible for raw materials procurement – a vitally important position for the company’s success. “For me the procurement field was temporary, in the beginning. I found the work to be both fascinating and challenging and decided to delve deeper as part of procurement and administration in the Molds Department”. To enable Marianna to further specialize we sent her to a procurement and logistics course and to an import-export course, both funded by Rion.

“I have been a raw materials and production buyer in the Supply Chain Department for the past five years. I like the dynamic nature of this position. This was especially evident during covid-19 period when we had to be creative in a rapidly changing reality. This job does not only have to do with numbers, it also has to do with people. The personal relationships I forged with the raw materials suppliers is an important aspect of the job”.

And speaking about inter-personal relationships, Marianna fills an informal position in the Human Resources Department. “All I do is help onboard Russian-speaking employees, answer questions and help in translation during job interviews”, she says. While being modest about it, her contribution is significant in onboarding and accompanying new employees.


Noa Avraham   –from a newly discharged soldier to deputy manager of production

Noa Avraham – Deputy Manager of Production at Plastokit

Noa came to Rion to work on the production line after her discharge from the army. “It was ‘preferred work’ (positions for Israeli army and Sherut Leumi veterans) and temporary. I was surprised to find it very interesting, and mainly, I found a company where I enjoyed working. Over time I was promoted to a production shift manager position”. Noa took her interest in her work to her field of study. “I began studying for an Industrial Engineering and Management Technician degree, and even received a scholarship from  Plastokit. The company was accommodating and I was promoted to head the ‘Clean Room and Assembly’ department. This position enabled me to combine evening studies with my work”. After returning from maternity leave Noa now serves in a full-time position as Deputy Manager of Production at Plastokit.

“Plastokit is a very warm and family-like workplace, and as you can see from my story – it changed my life. The company makes a long-term investment in its employees, and aims to promote them before recruiting outside the company”.

Tera Alakh –  a high quality employee

Tera Alakh – final inspection team lead

Tera began her work at Rion as a production worker in the Fusion Department. “I came to Rion in 2009. After two years I was promoted to the quality team in the department, a position I held for five years. After filling various positions, such as final inspection in the assembly and printing departments, I now lead the final inspection team, which I’ve been doing for approximately two and a half years”.

“I am proud of the series of positions I filled and of my career development at Rion. I enjoy working at the plant, and I am surrounded by many friends, variety of interesting people. I would also like to note the consideration shown in Rion in personal matters. As the mother of a small child I really feel this”.

Galina Kosmachov – helps onboarding employees with hearing impairment

Galina Kosmachov – Assembly Department

Galina has been with us in the Assembly Department for more than two decades. “In addition to my position in the department I also help on the production floor. I am proud to assist in onboarding employees with hearing impairment at our plant. I don’t know sign language yet, but I help in written communication and in explanations”. Thanks to Galina’s significant help we successfully integrate employees at Plastokit. Thank you Galina!