Transferring the baton: concluding Rion’s CEO tenure

Dudu Leib, CEO of Rion for the past 12 years, is concluding his role. During his tenure, Rion underwent a significant strategic transformation, emerging as one of the leading injection molding subcontractors in Israel. Ofir Ram, Rion's COO, steps into his shoes with exciting plans for the future
July 3, 2023

The arrow-shaped structure that defines the synchronized movement of a bird flock resonates with many of us repeatedly. The principles of physics, which we tirelessly strive to formulate and understand, instinctively manifest within them. It is a collective endeavor where each bird contributes to the journey. By reducing air resistance for those trailing behind, every bird takes turns shouldering the burden, and when fatigue sets in, enabling others to lead the way.

The development of Rion in the past decade resembles that analogy. Thanks to the hard work of each of our employees, we have been able to focus the company’s activities and bring true value. However, if there is one “bird” that has navigated this flock, both in fair weather and through storms, it is Dudu Leib, our CEO. In these days, Dudu concludes his tenure after 12 years of fruitful work, providing an excellent opportunity to share his accomplishments and express our gratitude.

Finding a new focus

With Dudu’s arrival at Rion came a wealth of valuable experience as a CEO in other places. “Despite my experience and my role as a Kibbutz Kabri shareholder in Rion, I still needed to familiarize myself with the company,” he explains. “I quickly understood the importance of focus. At that time, Rion was involved in subcontracting injections, primarily for Plasson, alongside its activities as a manufacturer and marketer of final products in the greenhouse industry. It was clear to me that we couldn’t divide our attention between two areas. We had to choose between investing in our own IP product or specializing in high-quality subcontracting.”

As a result, shortly after Dudu took on his role, Rion strategically decided to shift its focus to subcontracting and separated from the greenhouse sector. In Dudu’s words, “We began offering the same excellent services we provided for Plasson to the entire industry.” This decision proved to be advantageous for the company, evident in the numbers: “While in the past, our production capacity was solely dedicated to Plasson, today Plasson is an important customer, accounting for 30% of our production volume, while the rest is dedicated to serving other leading companies in the market.” Sales more than doubled during this period, new production facilities were established, and the number of production machines increased significantly. Today, Rion stands as one of the prominent subcontractors in Israel, particularly in the injection molding field.

A Growth Wave

Making accurate decisions is highly important, but equally significant is the ability to put them into action. To support the strategic decision that was made, Rion acquired Plastokit a decade ago. ” It was our first experience with acquisition, integration, and managing a remote manufacturing site with a different organizational culture. We underwent a substantial reorganization and appointed a team capable of embedding our management approach and culture adherence to timelines, maintaining high quality, listening, and promoting employees.”

During that time, another significant and decisive step was taken with the acquisition of Raveh Molds. It allowed us to provide advanced and efficient solutions for molds maintenance and manufacturing. Dudu explains, “While we could have relied on our parent company, Plasson, for maintenance capabilities, we recognized early on that in order to achieve substantial growth, we needed internal support that would cater to future customers.” This bold move went against the industry trend of outsourcing pattern production to China. Dudu adds, “Instead of battling market forces, together with Raveh, we established a strong in-house foundation while maintaining our own manufacturing capabilities in China. This ensured that we didn’t compromise on quality and could offer competitive prices to our customers. I can’t overstate the tremendous growth Rion experienced thanks to this strategic decision.”

Mastering the Craft of Subcontracting

The field of subcontracting relies on high operational and technological skills. “We are positioned to provide support during the transition from development to production, and in this position, we have a significant scope of action. Our success is intertwined with our customers’ success, as their product is our product, and we have an interest in maintaining efficiency, quality, and product profitability,” explains Dudu, highlighting examples such as automation cells integration, and implementation of multi-cavity molds and multi-component processes. Rion’s ongoing investment in these areas has proven to be rewarding over time. “We take care of the customer’s needs in real-time,” he concludes, “allowing them the space to concentrate on their future developments.”

A Vision for the Future

Under Dudu’s leadership, Rion has already achieved significant milestones, but the journey is far from over. Dudu shares his ambitious vision for the future, stating, “We are committed to continued growth and development, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Israel is renowned for its startup ecosystem, and we aim to bring our expertise to mature ventures ready for commercial production. Additionally, we provide invaluable support in engineering design, seamlessly integrating it with established manufacturing practices for a smooth transition from development to production.”

Stepping into His Shoes

Concluding with a return to the bird flock metaphor that accompanied the beginning of our story, just behind Dudu, our CEO, you will soon find Ofir Ram, Rion’s COO, taking on the role of CEO for the company. “Ofir is an invaluable right-hand, a top-notch executor, and a fully invested partner in Rion’s strategic development. He has played a significant part in the progress we’ve achieved. With 17 years already spent within the organization, Ofir welcomed me into the team, and I am proud to entrust him with the reins. Our partnership is so strong that the typical overlap found in situations like this is hardly required here. I’d like to express my appreciation to Rion’s management team, without whom I couldn’t exist: Shira Rania, the HR lead; Hila Barkan, the Information Systems Manager; Rachel Peled, the Supply Chain Manager; Liron Berkovitz, the Finance Manager; Ronen Raveh, the Mold Department Manager; Aharon Weiss, the Engineering Manager; and Yaron Hamal, the Senior Tribe Leader. And last but certainly not least, my dear colleague who is soon to arrive, Nadav Zamir, entrusted with the operations. I am concluding a significantly meaningful chapter of my journey. It has been an immense pleasure and privilege to work alongside such a dedicated team and customers. I wholeheartedly wish Rion continued success, and I am confident that the company will venture into new and exciting territories.”

Thank you, Dudu

We express gratitude to our outgoing CEO who has led us with dedication and professionalism for 12 significant years in Rion’s development. Dudu accomplished all of this while preserving a unique organizational culture that is collaborative, inclusive, and empowering. He introduced structured work processes and included all employees within the company’s strategic plans. We wish him success in the future and enjoyment with family and friends.