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RION INDUSTRIES Ltd., a member of the PLASSON Group, is a leading subcontractor that has been serving top-ranking industrial companies for more than 20 years.

RION INDUSTRIES is a cutting-edge company that not only does plastic injection molding for complex and technical products but also offers a wide range of supporting services including: product design and engineering, mold production and maintenance, automated assembly lines, tailored quality control systems, and complex logistic services including purchasing.

We have built our reputation as a leading technical plastic products company on our vast experience, innovative equipment, high-quality personnel and commitment to the highest standards.

RION INDUSTRIES was established in 1995 and owns three manufacturing sites: two plastic injection molding and assembly plants: RION and RION-RAVEH, which specializes in the production and maintenance of molds in Kibbutz Cabri in Northern Israel; and PLASTOKIT in Kiryat Malachi in the south. In the two plastic injection sites, RION INDUSTRIES operates more than 80 state-of-the-art injection machines with forces ranging from 50 and 2,200 tons.

RION INDUSTRIES prides itself on its comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional service that adds value at each step of the process of planning and manufacturing complex plastic products. The company’s wide range of capabilities starts with the product planning, engineering and design services as well as in-house design and manufacture of molds, and goes on to certifications, injection, customized automated assembly lines, stringent quality control, product packaging according to customer specifications and shipping to the end-user.

Work Process

A unique workflow formulated and administered by RION. Using a single central computer system (ERP), allows RION to monitor all stages of production. The process promises full control, minimal mistakes and a high quality products.

Unique Capabilities

  • Mold Production Plant IN-HOUSE

    Mold Production Plant IN-HOUSE

    RION-RAVE MOLDS brings 45 years of experience to the design & manufacture of plastic injection molds. We implement cutting-edge technologies and methods, such as in-house flow analysis capabilities. Our customers also benefit from mold upgrading and maintenance services.

  • Flow & Stress Analyses

    Flow & Stress Analyses

    Our mathematics-based simulation tool ensures in the design stage that the final product will meet all specifications. Can also analyze defects in an existing product, as well as verify optimal and uniform flow as per the product design.

  • Mold Cut Analyses

    Mold Cut Analyses

    A tool that verifies in the design stage that the product will meet all of the geometric requirements. This tool can also analyze defects and in molds and existing products.

  • Integrated Engineering, Mold & Injection Team

    Integrated Engineering, Mold & Injection Team

    Dedicated project teams are comprised of experienced professionals in the areas of mechanical & plastic engineering, mold design and injection. Working with leading product designers, we provide a holistic and professional service from the very first phase and throughout the production process.

  • Advanced Injection Molding Equipment

    Advanced Injection Molding Equipment

    Cutting-edge design and simulation tools, robotic systems and state-of-the-art automation that can handle injection molding of all kinds of materials are only some of the advanced tools that we place at the disposal of our customers.

  • Automation


    We design and implement automated end-product production and assembly systems, as well as test product conformity to requirements using advanced methods such as sorting and video mapping.

  • Non-destructive Quality Tests

    Non-destructive Quality Tests

    Our special-purpose center for non-destructive tests uses advanced X-ray equipment to ensure that products do not have cavities or other hidden defects.

  • Injection of Special Materials

    Injection of Special Materials

    Working closely with the most expert material consultants in the industry, coupled with our ability to work with almost any material found in the market today, we provide each customer with an optimal solution as well as a significant competitive advantage.


RION INDUSTRIES customers cover a wide range of fields:

  • Infrastructure – water, gas, communications, etc.
  • Automotive – High quality and meticulous injection of parts for international markets
  • Medical – 80% of the injected medical components produced at RION are for international markets

We are proud to count among our customers companies such as Plasson, Bermad, Amiad, Aran Group, SCR, ThermoFisher Scientific, Motorola, Raytheon, Maytronics and others. We maintain close and long-standing relationships with our strategic customers in order to achieve synergy along the entire production process – from engineering design, to mold manufacturing, injection, automation, assembly and supplementary processing.

RION’s Quality Assurance Department is one of the most stringent and advanced in the industry. Every product injected by us gets maximum attention and we spare no resources in ensuring that all tests defined by the customer in order to meet the relevant standards are carried out.

RION is certified for the following standards:

ISO 13485, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

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