RION INDUSTRIES regards social responsibility as an integral part of the company’s vision and places great importance on employee community involvement.

The Unistream association

Unistream strives to promote business leadership that will work for social change in Israel and create a cycle of success, mutual respect, tolerance, self-fulfillment and doing for others. Unistream strives to teach the youth living in the periphery of Israel social business leadership, business entrepreneurship and community.
Rion managers accompany Unistream groups from the nearby cities of Ma’alot, Acre and Safed.

Food donation for the holidays

In 2010 Rion made contact with three young people from Acre who decided to donate food packages to needy families every Passover. Since then each Passover RION has been contributing matzo and wine, while company employees help out with packing and distributing the food packages.

Since 2015, several days before the packaging operation, a group of managers and employees collect avocados from the kibbutz avocado groves and, along with substantial donations of money and food, provide each family with a parcel whose value is 800 NIS.

Nahariya Youth Club

RION activities with the Nahariya Youth Center have been taking place regularly since 2010. Each week two volunteers from the RION staff travel to the youth center and help the children with their homework and creative activities — as well as “spoiling” the children with birthday and holiday gifts.

Every summer we invite the youth center children to visit the kibbutz swimming pool. Over the years, the volunteers have established excellent and long term relationships with the children and staff.

Julis Youth Club

In 2015 we connected with another youth club — in Julis, an Arab village which is home to many RION employees.

The club offers elementary school aged children a place to come to after school to receive a hot meal as well as get help with school work and various other activities.

We began the year with a tour of the RION facilities and since then, every Sunday RION employee volunteers visit with and support the children in their activities.

The volunteers feel that they receive no less than what they give.

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