RION Ltd., a member of the PLASSON Group, provides complex and technical plastic products for international markets.
RION’s manufacturing facilities, established over 20 years ago, are located on Kibbutz Cabri in northern Israel and in the Be’er Tuvia industrial park in the south.
We have built our reputation as a leading technical plastic product company on our vast experience, innovative equipment, high-quality personnel and commitment to the highest standards.
We provide services to top-ranking companies in the fields of flow products, milking parlors, food and beverage, and medical equipment (diagnostics and consumables).


  • Design, Development & Engineering
  • In-house Molds
  • Injection
  • Supplemental Processing
  • Automation
  • Assembly & Packing
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Quality


RION INDUSTRIES northern manufacturing center is located on Kibbutz Cabri in the western Galilee.

New equipment and diverse capabilities

RION Ltd. operates over 50 injection molding machines from leading companies worldwide such as ANGEL and HARBOR with locking forces of 50-600 tons. Most of these equipped with manipulators or robots. In addition to the complementary equipment such as metalworking machinery to carry out complementary work, RION offers diverse manufacturing, injection and assembly capabilities.


PLASTOKIT Ltd. a part of RION INDUSTRIES, specializes in manufacturing high quality plastic products, injection molding technology and technological plastic materials. PLASTOKIT was founded in 1978 and is located in the industrial area of Be’er Tuvia in Southern Israel. The company, which has about 100 employees, supports customers from design to production with a highly skilled team, new and advanced equipment and excellent service.

The company operates over 35 injection molding machines ranging from 50 tons to 2200 tons combining automation and a strict quality system, which meets all international standards. The Quality Assurance Department is built to cater to every customer’s requirements, taking care and making sure that these demands are met, as well as checking and documenting the entire process. PLASTOKIT works according to the ISO 9001.2008 quality standard.

Services and capabilities

  • Manufacturing technical plastic products
    PLASTOKIT operates over 35 injection molding machines in a variety of production capacities, ranging from 25 tons to 2200 tons locking force and with an injection capacity of up to 30 kg in one injection dose.
  • Raw materials
    The PLASTOKIT injection team has extensive experience in technical plastics injection: A.B.S, Polystyrene, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Peek, Acryl, with or without fiber glass, polyethylene and special requirements
  • Complementary works
    Assembling, ultrasonic welding, inserting inserts, tampon printing and connecting electrical circuits
  • Production in a clean environment
    PLASTOKIT operates a clean environment room, which includes 4 injection machines, in addition there is a clean environment assembly and packaging room in suitable for the production and packaging of laboratory and medical testing equipment


The Shaping of Success
As an industry leader in plastics manufacturing, RION invests significantly in its capabilities to provide the highest quality injection molding services. To this end, the company acquired the veteran mold manufacturer, Rave Molds Ltd. The combined capabilities of the two companies has transformed RION-RAVEH into a major player in the Israeli molding market, enabling it to supply a wide spectrum of services to many different manufacturing branches including the automotive, high-tech, communications, water and irrigation industries, as well as medical disposable products.

A Team that thinks “outside the box”
The impressive repertoire of RION-RAVEH Molds is a culmination of technological and professional experience and excellence. The company has brought together a team of individuals that are highly skilled in the molding industry. To complete the picture, the team is backed up by advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems connected to the production floor.

Favored Clients
RION-RAVEH Molds has a proven track record of more than four decades. Its list of clients includes: Maytronics, Aran Group, Amiad, Bermad, Plasson, Raytheon, Motorola, ThermoFisher Scientific and SCR.

Services and capabilities

Individually customized services to meet client needs including:

  • Assistance in the design phase, with emphasis on molding development
  • In-house design of molds
  • Manufacturing of molds in Israel and abroad using consistent standards
  • Maintenance of molds and response to problems of breakage and repair upgrading molds on hand

*** Following mold production, the company offers injection molding services provided by RION INDUSTRIES


A mold for every need

Thanks to the unique RION-RAVEH capabilities we can offer our customers an unprecedented range of services.
Our expertise in the field of plastic injection molds and molds for casting metals allows us to tailor to each customer an accurate response to their needs, whether it is the mold design, development, manufacture, repair, maintenance or improvement.

Mold Samples:

  • Molds for thin wall products
  • Molds for medical products
  • Molds for precise engineering products
  • Molds for pressure casting – air conditioners
  • Molds for aluminum casting (wax)
  • Multi cavity molds


RION MEDICAL specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced medical devices.

Services and capabilities

Experienced and professional engineering, design and manufacturing, plastic injection clean rooms according to customer needs, customized production lines and strict quality control.

  • Diagnostics products
  • Products for laboratories
  • Testing products
  • Consumable medical products

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